Fuel cells for
tactical applications

Robust solution for military requirements under extreme conditions.

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Fuel cells for
professional applications

Reliable mobile on-board power supply for office equipment and covert surveillance.

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The perfect power supply for your applications

SFC fuel cells and energy solutions are used in many applications by defense and security organisations.

80 % weight reduction

Up to 80 % battery weight can be saved with SFC fuel cells. Therefore, soldiers can equip themselves with the minimum of batteries and extend the duration of the mission having saved the weight and volume.

More benefits

Highest quality made in Germany

SFC fuel cells are developed and manufactured at the head office in Brunnthal, Germany. Intensive checks accompany every product from production to delivery. SFC fuel cells meet the highest quality requirements.

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SFC Fuel Cell Technology

SFC Fuel Cells convert chemical energy into electrical energy without interim stages and without much loss of efficiency. That is why it is such an efficient power generator.

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