Off-grid power
around the world

Power anytime and anywhere with SFC fuel cells

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Power solutions by SFC Energy are used worldwide

SFC Energy AG is a leading international manufacturer of portable power solutions. Our customers are convinced – here you can find some press releases:

Portable fuel cell solutions for Indian Ministry of Defence

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Portable SFC energy supply system for the Swiss Federal Office for Defence Procurement

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Tempered fuel cell products for an Asian defense organization

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Portable JENNY 1200 fuel cells for international defense organization

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Bundeswehr equipped with portable SFC energy network with fuel cell

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Bundeswehr order for vehicle-based and stationary power supplies

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Energy container for self-sufficient & hybrid
emergency power supply in civil protection and disaster management

A constant power supply is crucial for civil protection and disaster relief operations. Currently, power is mainly supplied by gasoline or diesel generators. Our aim is to ensure a more environmentally friendly, yet equally reliable and mobile power supply in the future.

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