Benefits of SFC fuel cells

Reasons to use our fuel cells

A reliable power supply is one of the major technical challenges for modern task forces. SFC’s fuel cells for military applications have significant advantages. An essential factor is the quiet operation, virtually without any detectable signatures. In addition, the fuel cells are very user friendly and safe to handle. They are simple plug-and-play solutions. The fuel cells charge existing batteries completely automatically and return to standby mode when the battery is fully charged. This means the user always has fully charged energy resources, and the batteries last much longer because the continuous charging prevents deep discharge.

Robust solution

SFC fuel cells are rugged and made for the challenges of in field use. They can also be used at high altitudes, in tough climatic conditions as well as during the day or at night.

100 % reliable

100 percent power availability based on a synchronised hybrid switching between battery and fuel cell. SFC fuel cells constantly monitor the state of charge of the battery and automatically charges it. This means the application remains always reliably supplied with power. SFC fuel cells generate power in any weather, at all times of the year, everywhere.

Weight savings of up to 80 %

For a soldier, the combined mass of different devices along with different battery requirements leads to an enormous logistical effort. Depending on the duration of use, long operating times independent of a vehicle is almost impossible due to the tremendous battery weight needed to supply the soldier’s power requirements. Using SFC’s fuel cells, up to 80 percent of the weight of the batteries can be saved. Therefore, the soldier can be equiped with the minimum of batteries and instead carry additional food, water and ammunition, or alternatively extend the duration of the mission.

Easy operation

SFC fuel cells charge batteries completely automatically. They are plug-and-play solutions which can be operated without a high amount of training effort.

Save costs

Fuel cells are cheaper compared to batteries, since only methanol is needed to operate them. To maintain the power supply with batteries, expensive primary batteries must be purchased or secondary batteries must be recharged with the corresponding effort. In addition to material, logistics and disposal costs, this also leads to costs for chargers, generators, fuel and other accessories.

Note about Methanol

No detectable signature

SFC fuel cells are characterised by virtually signature-free, silent and emission-free operation, therefore making them the modern task forces number one choice. The SFC EMILY fuel cell charges the on-board battery automatically, quietly and without being detected. It guarantees operation of the loads even when the engine is turned off. Therefore, camouflage remains intact.


According to the CLP Regulation, methanol is categorised as a poisonous and easily flammable substance. For further information, please see the Safety data sheets in our downloads.