EFOY Hydrogen energy solutions

The indoor and outdoor energy solutions with SFC Hydrogen Fuel Cell for the higher power range

Power range from 2.5 to 50 kW

The EFOY Hydrogen Fuel Cell 2.5 expands the range of high-power generators, providing reliable and uninterrupted climate-neutral energy. The output power of 2.5 to 50 kW can be individually adjusted. It is easy to operate and install, and due to its lack of emissions, it can also be used in ecologically sensitive areas. It also operates quietly and efficiently.

Hydrogen fuel cell solutions by SFC Energy operate quietly and efficiently. As a reliable power supply, they are used in various areas such as smart traffic applications and mobile communications infrastructure. For police and rescue forces, the use of EFOY Hydrogen fuel cells ensures a reliable radio communication.

Emergency power supply
of critical infrastructures

Critical infrastructures depend on a reliable and uninterrupted power supply, especially when modern information and communications technology is used, as in the case of authorities and organizations with security tasks. Effective and broadband communication between the deployment site and situation centers is essential for optimized situation assessment. Conventional battery solutions, however, do not offer the necessary operational reliability over several days.

EFOY Hydrogen Fuel Cells are the ideal solution for emergency power supply of critical infrastructure. They switch on automatically and take over the load within 20 seconds of a grid failure. Unlike solutions using diesel generators, they produce no CO2 emissions and require little maintenance. Due to the low aging tendency in standby, system availability can be guaranteed over long periods of time.

EFOY H₂Genset

Mobile emission-free power generation with hydrogen

For areas without access to the conventional power grid, such as construction sites, for the temporary power supply of telecommunications masts or as a mobile emergency power supply in large-scale emergencies, the H₂Genset offers a flexible and mobile solution with hydrogen fuel cells as power generators.

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Find the right fuel cell for your application.

Use our energy calculator to determine the right model for your requirements.

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