EFOY Energy Solutions
for professional users

Portable energy solutions
for EFOY Fuel Cells

Portable energy solutions with integrated EFOY Pro Fuel Cells can be used temporarily, e.g. on construction sites, or permanently in places that are difficult to access. The all-in-one energy solution is perfect for open-air applications or for undercover operations. In hybrid operation, they can be used as a back-up or extension for solar systems.

Stationary energy solutions
for EFOY Fuel Cells

Our stationary all-in-one energy solutions are self-sufficient outdoor power supply solutions with EFOY Fuel Cells – without any grid connection. Our energy solutions consist of a cabinet that provides space for EFOY Fuel Cells, batteries and operating supplies (methanol or hydrogen).

Trailer-based energy solutions
for EFOY Fuel Cells

Trailer-based energy solutions are highly flexible in use, e.g. as power supply for on-site monitoring, lighting, communication and data loggers, as well as for power supply on construction sites.