Mobile and off-grid power for defense and security organizations

SFC products in tactical use

Fuel cell products by SFC Energy provide reliable, environmentally friendly and highly efficient power directly on site for the safe, uninterrupted operation of powered equipment.

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On-board power supply

SFC fuel cells are used in various vehicle applications such as observation missions and undercover investigations. These systems reliably supply power to electronic devices in mission, command, and functional vehicles, thus extending mission duration and minimizing the risk of being detected by noise and heat signatures.

Especially qualified for military requirements is the military hardened SFC EMILY fuel cell, which has been developed and tested for operation under extreme conditions. The robust solution can be used for silent watch missions even in rough terrain without any problems and is used by numerous international defense organizations.

100% reliable

Power supply during use is ensured thanks to the SFC fuel cells. The fuel cell works in any weather, day and night, as well as in any season.

Quiet and environmentally friendly

Thanks to environmentally friendly power generation, the SFC fuel cells can be used in nature reserves as well as in closed vehicles and rooms.

Cost savings

SFC fuel cells reduce maintenance and operating costs by maintaining the battery charge and reduce engine operating hours significantly.

Virtually no detectable signature

The SFC EMILY fuel cell charges the on-board battery automatically, quietly and without being detected. It guarantees operation of the loads even when the engine is turned off. Therefore, camouflage remains intact.

Low fuel consumption

SFC fuel cells consume less fuel than diesel generators thanks to the high level of efficiency and the energy density of methanol. This ensures a significantly longer autonomy without user intervention to refill the fuel.

Remote Power Supply

SFC fuel cells power mobile applications as remote power supply. They supply observation and telecommunication technology and ensure communication and maintenance of radio contact – day and night, in any weather. In addition, they can be used for temporary camps where they provide instant and fully automatic power.


Portable Power Supply

SFC JENNY Thanks to the significant weight savings of up to 80 percent, fuel cells are used especially for recon missions and are used, for example, by special forces and infantry. The endurance is massively increased and the mission duration extended.

In combination with the SFC Power Manager 3G, an energy network can be set up easily and the charging of different battery types and the supply of military consumers is possible at the same time. SFC JENNY fuel cells provide reliable and fully automatic power for missions lasting several days.

SFC Power Manager 3G